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Top Ways You Can Over Deliver and Impress Your Customers

As consumers, many of us are all-too familiar with companies under delivering or down-right failing to make good on their promises at all. We order products and they arrive late, we eat meals and find they're a bit cold and we watch films that don't … [Read more]

Analyze Your Risk To Reduce Your Risk

The process of making a decision, any decision, involves an element of risk. This is because the future is uncertain. No matter how hard we try, no matter how well-laid our plans, we still can't predict what will happen tomorrow with one hundred … [Read more]

Wikipedia Simplified

I come across so many cool solutions, tools, and ideas from clever people so I've decided to dedicate the .enable portion of my site to highlighting my discoveries. Check out this cool site that takes away all the clutter from Wikipedia. As the … [Read more]

Love what you do! Defining your USP

updated Jan 01, 2016 - after leaving the Real Estate world... As you know, I have been on a new journey to chase my dream and passion. OK, i have more than one dream and passion, but I had to pick one that would feed my soul and also generate … [Read more]

Orange is not always the new black!

Often when I take buyers on a home tour, the first question I ask is: Can you imagine yourself living here? There are many important considerations when buying a home, not just - Location, Location, Location! A handful of my clients can't seem to … [Read more]

Paying It Forward

I setup this little site to share my personal and professional journey over the last 25 years with my friends, family and anyone else I come across that could use some guidance based on my experience. After 24 years in the corporate world, I’ve … [Read more]