If you are unhappy where you are in life now, it may be time for a RESET. Think back to recent thoughts , are they negative thoughts or feelings like you’ve hit a roadblock? I’ve had them a lot in the last 2 years. I know the feeling.

Shift your focus to a life that you want or find a person that you want to emulate who truly inspires you. If you want to have a life similar to theirs, do similar things, read about how they became a success and use those traits as guidelines to help you accomplish your best self. This is not about financial gain, it’s about your future and happiness.

When you create a positive image within your mind, the universe will create pathways to help you reach your goals and dreams. The more you reinforce this mental image the more pathways will be created. There is an abundance of inspiration around you and information online that can help you with your vision, take advantage of it.

When you have a clear vision of yourself and know the steps to help you get there, nothing will stop you from achieving that vision. Make sure to visit your vision daily. Your brain will get so used to this vision it will become a subconscious process and set you up for success.

Life evolves and so can your plan or your vision. There may be something you thought you wanted, but as you progress, you find this not to be important to you as you discover new things that are. This is normal. It’s simple, modify your vision and move on from there. Your brain will form pathways for this new vision.

If your vision is fine but the plan is not getting you where you need to be, don’t be afraid to make changes with it. Plans are guidelines only, they can be tweaked and altered as required. This will happen when you gain clarity, gain knowledge or find new information comes to light along the way. You know, that piece of information which wasn’t available when you first got started. It’s a gift, it’s your life, you get to call the shots.

Be prepared for criticism while creating this new vision for yourself. It is yours and yours alone. Find supportive people around you who move you forward, ignore those who want to hold you back. Friends, family and even life partners may not understand what you are trying to shoot for. Hold to your beliefs and prove you are not only capable but worthy of your vision.

Your critics are not the ones who have to live with the vision you make for yourself. You will find when you reach your goals those same critics will suddenly be on your side (it’s called the gravy train). They will even claim to have been there for you all along. It’s disappointing, but this is how some people behave. It’s not worth the aggravation. Just move on with your vision and let them think whatever they want. It’s your life, you get to call the shots.

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